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Diaspora California
is a blog dedicated to promoting artists and arts educators from California’s diaspora communities, as well as artists or arts organizations that showcase art forms from another part of the world in a meaningful and educational way. “Art,” in our definition, encompasses everything from music to fashion.

We are particularly committed to featuring emerging artists, but are honored to have the opportunity to interview prominent, well-established artists as well. Our belief is that every artist has a unique perspective based on their own life experience and the places that they have lived, which is what we seek to chronicle. We strive to publish a wide diversity of perspectives and beliefs–for example, different views on maintaining or evolving “traditional” art forms.

Diaspora California is always looking for recommendations of artists and events to feature.

Diaspora California was founded in 2009 by Sarah Lin Bhatia, who has taken lessons in everything from cartooning to djembe. She realized that while she is not a natural artist, she loves working with and helping to promote the works of professional artists.

Living previously in Madison, Beijing, and Seattle, Sarah moved with her husband to California in 2008 and cannot fathom living anywhere else now.


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